Tuesday, October 24, 2006

time machine

You have seen lot of sci-fi with the theme of going back into the past and changing something. I don’t agree with this, coz if you are changing some thing in the past means, it becomes present.
My plan of going past means going back in the time and visiting the past but not changing anything. ( I mean read-only).

How can we achieve this.

What we require:
A communication method faster than that of Light.
100’s of satellites far away from earth ( 50 light years from earth)

Hi-Fi cameras (with resolution of 1 meter * 1 meter)will be installed in these satellites to capture images/video from each and every corner of the earth to create an 3D view of the location we want. These cameras and satellite will be controlled from the earth.
These cameras will capture the light, which was emitted from the earth 50 years back.
These images/videos will be transferred back to the earth thru the communication channel we have. A 3D studio type of thing ( just like 3D race games) will be created on earth with the videos and images received form the satellite. This will enable us to go back to any of the time in the last 50 years by adjusting the cameras in the satellite.

Sounds like crazy. As Dilbert said its hard to tell the difference between a Great idea and Stupid idea.

Why do we do what we do.

Why do I do what I do.

Will I be the same person if born in another country and grown up some where else. Do then also I do what I do now. Then, all my actions are predefined in my complex brain. I am the one like that defined robot with defined output. But I am not like that. I am sure I will be different person than what I am now. so there is something external which drives my behaviour. So I will not be the same person if born in different time.

If the ‘me’ now is because of what my parents , teachers, friends and society are, then what is the significance for me? So, my child is a subset to me and I am not responsible for my actions. I am behaving like this because of the inputs given by the people around me. Then who are the one driving the people around me. What happens if i am left now at a place where no other being exists then there will be no change in my behaviour. No, I know it will change

What did I understand from this? I am like this not because of my parents, teachers nor because of what I am taught nor I am independent of the things around me.
I understand that every human being is a complex mirror which absorbs some of the light and reflects some. In the process the reflection changes with that of the light absorbed so far and by each day the composition gets so complex to explain.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Human Behavior

The most unpredictable thing here on the earth is human behavior. Sometimes you can expect what he/she is going to do the next minute. But you don’t know what he/she will do the next day/week/year.
People change with time. Because everything else changes with the time.
You can’t judge a person now, of his actions a year ago. we cant expect him/her to be the same person next year also.

Why do people change? There are infinite number of reasons for this and this is beyond the human thinking, that’s why we can’t predict the human behavior.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I am Harassed

Sexual harassment exists in India. but the way we are fighting it is just to make some news and satisfy one’s ego. This is not the right way to fight this social evil.
I am harassed
I feel I am harassed by all those women organizations that think men go in public places just to harass women.
Head lines in a news paper says “Mallika sherawat is hot and sxey”, but that is not considered as sexual harassment. But what happens if someone like you says the same thing about the girl next door?
You are going in a street where all the houses are white in color, after passing some 50 houses you saw one house part of which is painted in red color. What did you do. You stared that house till it is out of your sight. Now you successfully harassed a red house.
Yes, that is what they say.

You are enjoying your black coffee at café abc and noticed that a girl is staring at you. To make sure that you started looking at her sometimes while enjoying your coffee. Next day your picture appears in a blog and your picture is the first result for sexual harassment in Google.Can you do the same to that girl. Can you put her picture saying that you feel offended?Who cares if you feel?
I too agree that there is sexual harassment (and those damn people who cry over the sexual harassment never care about the sexual harassment at work places which is more common and where you effectively identify the culprit) and we should make all women aware that its not time to go thru it quietly, its time you just hit him hard. But this doesn’t mean that you have to leave the house thinking who is the one that is going to harass me and noting down the number of people at bus stop ‘who frequently look in all directions with the frustration of waiting for a bus’ and should come home saying that 164 men looked at me, 83 stared at me, 1 men asked me the time and in total I feel that I have sexually harassed by 248 men.

I also feel that Mr xyz is criminal, that major IT company is a crap, that software sucks, miss India loves me ….Its not the matter what I feel it’s the matter what there really is.
I have seen some arts which all of you have agreed to be master pieces but I feel offended. So what should I do?
And as per the Indian standards every American woman is sexually harassed 18 times a day on average because as per some statistics ‘18 men will greet (Just says hi, hello, good morning …) women who they never met before’ at various public places like malls, hotels, office premises, parking lots.
And the Last but not least, you are not eligible to be part of a group to fight sexual harassment if one of your close relative (your brother, uncle, son , grand son) or friend has taken dowry. You can ask why. These are related may be in a distant way. Taking dowry is also a social evil, if you know how to fight it then you will know how to fight sexual harassment. If you know someone who is taking dowry and not able to stop them, you can never stop sexual harassment.

A good post on the sexual harrasment here

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Quality of education

people supporting reservation ask for raise in the numer of seats in institutions to cover up the reservation.
But some people oppose these saying these wll decrease the quality of educations leading to the decrease in the salaries and will discourage the recruiters visiting these institutions.

then, can we decrease the number of students to make them appear good for recruiters and to get more salaries.
why are these anti-reservation groups did not have any issue when number of seats are raised in the last couple of years?
main problem lies here.
we project som e of the institutes as best to the world and every one cares about those IITs and IIMs like we dont have any other colleges and educational institutes in india.
we all try to build some rich people and cry at the end of day saying wide gap exists between rich and poor.

we are creating virtual demand keeping supply low. very simple.

And i dont agree with the anti-reservations groups on decrease of the quality of education and decrease in the salaries because of the more nmber of seats.

From last year many It companies are going for the campus recruits to so many private colleges in karanataka , tamil nadu and andhra pradesh. these private colleges does not have sufficient faculty, adequate facilities, no infrastructure. i can say that some of these colleges are crap. just crap.
Yet these students are now employees of some great companies with an 3 lac per anum package.

Friday, October 20, 2006

i am a Dalit. how are you?

i am very sad after watching this 'video showing the dalits in India'. this is the real india. most of us does not even know that this is happening in india. i request all the people to link to this video and let others (indians) know where we are living.
why is media not acting on any of this issues. why am i so ignorant of the things going around me. why do the news 'google acquiring youtube ' reached me so fastly than the news of a 12 year old dalit girl raped at few kms away.
where are we going???

if these goes on like this we dont require groups from other country to Hate India.
Even courts turn blind eye?
courts have time to screen the movies. but they dont have time, money, resources nor will to care for the poor.
whether you agree or not, untouchability has still its roots in India

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I can think in both ways. everything looks right and wrong for me. here you will see arguments supporting all views. if you feel offend for any content, just stop visting this blog.
Thank you

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

About me

This is my blog. I write all the nonsense here. I can support both the Right and the Wrong.
I am the one who believes in relativity, I mean there is no standard for anything; everything is measured in relative to other.

I believe/support:
Freedom of expression
Individual rights
Men + women = world
Dignity of labor

I don't believe/support:
Men Vs Women
Feminists groupsPoliticians

I am proud because-
I don't know the caste of my best friend.As far as I remember I never asked caste of a person.
I never discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, race, color, age, region and religion.


This is my personal space. All views expressed here are of my own and does not represent my employer, friends, family, government or my country. If you feel offended beacuse of any post or comment in this blog i request you to close the browser window and never visit this blog again. Please write to me at double.critic@gmail.com for any copyright infringements in this blog. As long as you provide the link to the original source of the post on this blog, you can quote or reproduce a full post or a part, unless it is explicitly mentioned in the post.