Thursday, November 16, 2006

power of five

Five degrees of frustruation:
At any given time, we, as individuals, have a list of five persons whom we would like to kill.

Five day world:
Given freedom to individuals to do what they want to do (No laws, no cops, no government is there to restrict any individual from doing anything) then in five days world population will be reduced to 1/5th of the current population.

what's in the name?

Can a girl be named 'Ramu'. Can a boy have a name 'Sita'. If no, why?
Do names have Gender? How do we distinguish between boy's and girl's names?

What relates a name to a gender?

These type of small things makes us different from computers. Can we make a computer which will tell us the gender based on the name?

Can you tell the gender from the names? Try for the below names. (These are Russian names which you may have not heard before, if you predict the gender correctly and if you know how you came to know the gender, please let me know)


No prizes for guessing right!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Future OS

Note: No part of this post should be reproduced or distributed in any form with out the permission of the author.

Future Operating system will be online.
That means you dont require 1 gb of space for OS or no need to have 100 GB of hard disk to store your files , music, movies, software...

I will name the OS as GOS. The main principle behind the GOS is that of a virtual machine, except that you will have minimum software on your hard disk to open your online machine . your actual system (all your files and softwaree) will be online and are maintained by a provider ( i will call the provider as G)

All you required to run the GOS is high speed internet connection.
All the PC's with GOS comes with a software ( it will take few MBs of memory, this will some preinstalled), primary job of this software is to connect to the internet.
Once you start the PC, the software will ask for the user name, password and the domain name ( domain name is actually a url, this will be given by the provider G). Upon validating the user, G will open your system. you can work normally as you work on windows system, except that all your files are stored online and will be maintained by G. In another words, your online machine will be shown on your screen.

you can work on your system from any where in the world. no need to sit at the same place everyday in the office.
you dont need to worry about back-ups.
system will be taken back up regularly and you have an option to replace with the older version in case of any virus attack.
you can share your system or part of your system with any other user in few simple clicks.
two users (one as master and other as slave) can connect to the same system at the same time. Slave can only see whats going on in the system.
once the GOS starts, it will automatically recognise the local hard disk and map it as network drive.
Software Companies need not worry about the software piracy.
we can have many online OS providers and you can have your online system with any provider. software mentioned earlier in the post will be a standard one and can be used to connect to any provider, all you have to do is to mention the provider url in the domain name.

Online Os provider can be installed in the network and it will be easy for enterprise people to maitain the software. corporate offices can have the online OS in their network and we dont have to worry about the security.
More on this soon.....

Other side of the coin is rusting

The other side of the coin is rusting. But they still have one thing: Hope
What are you going to do about it?

Video Source:

Monday, November 13, 2006

Quote I

Something is better than Nothing and nothing is better than nonsense


Nothing comes for nothing andsomething comes for something. sometimes nothing comes for something and everything comes for something. So, it is possible for someone to get nothing for something or something for nothing. if someone sometimes get something for nothing then someone should get everything for nothing atleast for sometime and someone will get nothing for everything.

if you get nothing for something, then someone is getting something for doing nothing!!

Public opinion

I don't believe in the public opinion. Because I know how it is formed and I am also a part of the public.

Why do thousands of students join in IIPM when public opinion says that the institute is fraud.

Why so many criminals are elected to parliament and are given right to rule us?

Why do hundreds of villagers gather to rape and kill a woman?

Our public opinion sucks. Our media really sucks. So it is possible that media may represent public opinion. most of the times public opinion is based on false allegations made in TV shows and News Papers.

I don't know anything about Manu Sharma or Jessica. I don't know when Jessica was murdered. I don't know how many are there in the party. I don't know the names of witnesses. I don't know how many has given the witness in the court. To say in one word, I don't know any thing in this case. But still I feel Manu Sharma is guilty. Media is trying to influence me to believe that Manu Sharma has killed Jessica.
What the fuck is this????

Now Media's job is not to loose in the hands of Ram Jethmalani. So, media already started saying that the jethmalani has taken case just because of the hype and popularity, and says public believes that manu sharma is guilty.

In the interview Sagarika tries to create havoc saying, A young girl was shot in the presence of a hundred people.
Is it ok to murder a young man??

I don't have any sympathy towards Jessica or Manu Sharma coz there are not of my kind. I came from lower middle class family. Money these people spent for one day can be used to run my family of five for one month. Even now, many of relatives and people in my village live on less than a dollar per day. I don't care what happens to Manu Sharma.

One more funny question by Sagarika is:
But in this country where the high and mighty get away with so much, where witnesses are paid off

Don't these channels tune to your words if you pay them enough money.

Just a small advice to media – fuck off!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

we do wrong things beacuse

some times we do wrong things , even though we think its wrong. because, deep inside we think what we are doing is right and what we are thinking is wrong.

The Future

Year 2200:
Half of the earth is covered in ice and remaining with water. No fuel exists. (no petrol, no diesel). No governments are there, no countries are there, no boundaries. World population is 3 crores. Yes, 3 crores, no one is going to die (we are able to live for thousand years) and no one is going to born. People have lost their capability to give birth to a child. This is a stage where we don't have the word - 'new generation.'

On the whole - Humans have lost their battle with the nature.

Human beings have developed new technologies. 1mm* 1mm chip can hold of 1000 tera bytes of data.
Individuals possess bombs; weapons which are thousands of times powerful than the present nuclear bombs and are of very minute size. People are able to travel almost as fast as light. We don't require any food to survive.
We understood the power of nature and started in believing the nature.

We have only one language. We have invented the new language, so that , words we spoke will increase the energy levels in our body. What ever we wear, we do, is to absorb the energy from the nature and to live longer. We know how to transfer energy from one to other. we know how to cure diseases with a simple touch. What not, we have developed as in a sci-fi movie except time traveling.

We spend most of the time in space in search of a new planet. We want a new home!!
After much discussion among the intellectual individuals, we have figured the things required for our new home.
3.air (land)
5. sky

We are in search of a planet which has all of these. At last we found a planet (I will call this as planet X) in a distant galaxy, which has all the above mentioned and for our wonder it is just in the starting stage of its evolution. Planet X also has human beings who are in their early stages of development.( like what we are some thousands years back). But they are very short, their average height is 4' 6".
As we are highly developed and we started making them to believe that we are the one who has created them. We appointed some of our guys to take care of this planet. (That means we are God for them)

We started teaching them all sort of things and tried to develop them in such a way that it will not harm the nature. We taught them to obey the nature. But because of the enormous tech and communication gap, they are not able to understand things quickly and took lot of time to understand. so we have kept some strict rules on what to do and what no to do, as they are not able to understand the reasons behind our actions.

We have identified some of the highly intelligent people (I will call them as R) on planet X and started teaching them the technology and the way to communicate to us when ever they want. R's have learned how to keep the energy growing in them by chanting some of the words and how to live with out food for few days. Some of them have quickly learn how to drive the flying machines, to travel in space and are also able to visit the earth. And they are even capable of challenging some of us with their knowledge. The rest of the people on the planet X are developing normally ( as we did here on earth).

All these process has taken some hundreds of years.

Mean while in a war between individuals on earth, some one has blown out the earth into pieces and we are still wandering here and there in the space waiting for death. It's year 2444.

What ever I have said above has also happened to us, few thousands of years back, got any doubt. go and read Hindu Mythology.

Note: this post has been intentionally shortened or else it will run into tens of

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Job fair for the persons with disabilities

Job fair to be organized on 17th nov06 for the disabled graduates at Chennai.

For more details:

For more queries Call: +91 44 2445 2400

Or mail to

Monday, November 06, 2006


selling anything in the name of sex is easy. But, selling sex is difficult and considered cheap.

Why is there lot of hunger in the world?

We have vast land suitable for agriculture on earth. Food (grains, vegetables, fruits….) cultivated on earth is enough to feed all the human beings in the world. Food is becoming cheaper in lot of countries. But, still there are lot of people (esp. children and women) dying of hunger. Why?

The world population now is 6+ billion, we have technology that makes our jobs easier, and we have become highly productive. We have increased our efficiency. We are able to do more work in less time.

We came to a stage where we are not required to work for 8 hours to drive the world.

If all the people around the world start working for only 5 hours a day, then also the world will move with the same pace.

But whats happening now is 60% of the world population is working for 8 hours a day thus leaving 40% the population with out job.

Every penny you earn than what is required for you, In other words, every penny you save with out spending is making some one with out food.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Politics in delhi

Politics In New Dheli - video powered by Metacafe

Politics In New Dheli - video powered by Metacafe

is it funny???

by the way read the comments on

they are not Inidans

lakhs of children and women die in Africa every year beacuse of malnourishment.
i never responded to any of the news or i never wrote any posts on this? why?
i thought no one would care of my voice on this or am not related to the victims in anyway. ( i mean i dont have any relation, not form my city, my state, my college, my country, my social status)

the same can be said for the happenings in India.

the voice heard by the west are not anyway related to the poor in india. the poor people in India does not have an oppurtunity to let the people know this.

few years back i read a telugu story. the story in short here:

it starts with people collecting funds for the earth quake victims. one nice guy( he is introduced as a nice guy who helps poor children and working to eliminate child labour) rejects to give even one rupee for the quake victims. his argument is like this " you guys are collecting funds and are very eager to help the poeple because there are like you. all these victims are people like you who have enjoyed all the facilities for all these days. you dont want them to suffer even for one day. i know all these people have money, power, jobs, knowledge to build their homes and are financial secure. you dont want ot see them to suffer. why dont you care for the poor children who dont have food to eat and are living in a pthetic condition. why dont you do something for them"

if these goes on like this, we see two Indias. one shining and one burning. and the shining india is the one which we project to the world and we stop relating ourselves to the poor people and does not treat them as Indians.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

7 R's of life

what is that human requires to keep them satisfied (i am not saying happy)?? what is their goal?
we all do jobs , have friends, write blogs. what is that ultimately looking for.
what ever we do, it is in one or other way related to one of these.


you will have all these R's in your life, you will leave this world peacefully :). i mean you have every chance of living a happy life.

I will explain you in detail about these in subsequent posts.

Blogosphere fighting over freedom of expression on dead bodies.

You should all aware of whats going on blogosphere. bloggers fighting over the freedom of expression and victim rights over the dead body of a raped girl

here is a comment from jyothsnay

turf", Blank Noise Projects …have they vanished ? are they feetless to walk
further a mile to fight against this?

what these people want. Why don't they raise the same question in the posts that have raised the issue and ask for justice. atleast then it would have done justice to the victims. You want to include womne right activists and blank noise project to remove a photo.
Enough is enough. From the last 60 years we are hiding everything in dark and came to a stage where 95% of the youth living in the cities have no idea of whats going on in rural areas and how the poor people are struggling for common needs like food, water and shelter.

All these araises because we are not able to accept the reality.

the real bullshit is people referring the incident happend in a remote place of an under developed country to things in New York.

Now, bloggers are back to rebuild their image and many of them have posted again with soft tone ( i am not linking to all the posts as i dont have time or interest).

false prestige

What is false prestige?
doing things beacuse others (false prestige) likes us doing that.
example 1: some one realises that there is a such thing called blogs. he creates a blog and write some posts. some one comments in his blog. he pats his back and writes some more posts, comments flow into the blog. after some time there is nothing to write but he himself forces to write beacuse others like (they say that they like his blog) his blog. deep in his heart a frustration goes on building. one or other day it has to explode.

You may ask, "Is this something wrong?" No, coz most of the people die before the frustation develops into an unbearable stage.
There are lot of nations and economy build on false prestige. it starts from the way they say hi to the way they sleep with their wives. all words come from their mouth, nor from their heart or brain. every one looks happy to every one else. truth is no one is happy.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What about justice

with a title 'just another rape', times of india refers to a most cruel activity by humans in a village called Khairlanji
an upper caste mob, according to eyewitnesses, paraded a mother and her 17-year-old daughter naked, raped and killed them. Two other members of the family, brothers aged 19 and 21 too were murdered. Their bodies were dumped in a canal.

Shivam has posted some photgraphs of the victims. surprise!!! whole blogosphere started debate on freedom of expresion and victim rights. No one cares about what had made a bunch of people to think that they can kill five and can walk away free.

showing dead bodies of earth quake victims or of people killed in bomb blasts is very bad and increases insensitivity in viewers. But this case is totally different. it has done by most inhuman beings. there is every possibility of this case going unnoticed in MSM. there is doctor report and first information with the police saying that the women is not raped and the criminals are in a way to go scott-free.
it has taken one month to appear this news in MSM. think what would have been happend without these photos.
And now people question the moto behind the posting the photos on the blog by Shivam. why dont these confused people asks goverment what they are doing in this case. are these bloggers concerned about the justice. these behaves like the removing the photo from the blog is the justice for the victim.
I dont care what the moto behind posting the photos on the blog, beacuse if that is not the case then no one has ever cared about this and would have never created any attention.
just remember all are not articulate as you are MR ....

did i ever question you about your blog. is not you writing for some hits?

Update: A nice post stressing on what we are missing:

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

time machine

You have seen lot of sci-fi with the theme of going back into the past and changing something. I don’t agree with this, coz if you are changing some thing in the past means, it becomes present.
My plan of going past means going back in the time and visiting the past but not changing anything. ( I mean read-only).

How can we achieve this.

What we require:
A communication method faster than that of Light.
100’s of satellites far away from earth ( 50 light years from earth)

Hi-Fi cameras (with resolution of 1 meter * 1 meter)will be installed in these satellites to capture images/video from each and every corner of the earth to create an 3D view of the location we want. These cameras and satellite will be controlled from the earth.
These cameras will capture the light, which was emitted from the earth 50 years back.
These images/videos will be transferred back to the earth thru the communication channel we have. A 3D studio type of thing ( just like 3D race games) will be created on earth with the videos and images received form the satellite. This will enable us to go back to any of the time in the last 50 years by adjusting the cameras in the satellite.

Sounds like crazy. As Dilbert said its hard to tell the difference between a Great idea and Stupid idea.

Why do we do what we do.

Why do I do what I do.

Will I be the same person if born in another country and grown up some where else. Do then also I do what I do now. Then, all my actions are predefined in my complex brain. I am the one like that defined robot with defined output. But I am not like that. I am sure I will be different person than what I am now. so there is something external which drives my behaviour. So I will not be the same person if born in different time.

If the ‘me’ now is because of what my parents , teachers, friends and society are, then what is the significance for me? So, my child is a subset to me and I am not responsible for my actions. I am behaving like this because of the inputs given by the people around me. Then who are the one driving the people around me. What happens if i am left now at a place where no other being exists then there will be no change in my behaviour. No, I know it will change

What did I understand from this? I am like this not because of my parents, teachers nor because of what I am taught nor I am independent of the things around me.
I understand that every human being is a complex mirror which absorbs some of the light and reflects some. In the process the reflection changes with that of the light absorbed so far and by each day the composition gets so complex to explain.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Human Behavior

The most unpredictable thing here on the earth is human behavior. Sometimes you can expect what he/she is going to do the next minute. But you don’t know what he/she will do the next day/week/year.
People change with time. Because everything else changes with the time.
You can’t judge a person now, of his actions a year ago. we cant expect him/her to be the same person next year also.

Why do people change? There are infinite number of reasons for this and this is beyond the human thinking, that’s why we can’t predict the human behavior.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I am Harassed

Sexual harassment exists in India. but the way we are fighting it is just to make some news and satisfy one’s ego. This is not the right way to fight this social evil.
I am harassed
I feel I am harassed by all those women organizations that think men go in public places just to harass women.
Head lines in a news paper says “Mallika sherawat is hot and sxey”, but that is not considered as sexual harassment. But what happens if someone like you says the same thing about the girl next door?
You are going in a street where all the houses are white in color, after passing some 50 houses you saw one house part of which is painted in red color. What did you do. You stared that house till it is out of your sight. Now you successfully harassed a red house.
Yes, that is what they say.

You are enjoying your black coffee at café abc and noticed that a girl is staring at you. To make sure that you started looking at her sometimes while enjoying your coffee. Next day your picture appears in a blog and your picture is the first result for sexual harassment in Google.Can you do the same to that girl. Can you put her picture saying that you feel offended?Who cares if you feel?
I too agree that there is sexual harassment (and those damn people who cry over the sexual harassment never care about the sexual harassment at work places which is more common and where you effectively identify the culprit) and we should make all women aware that its not time to go thru it quietly, its time you just hit him hard. But this doesn’t mean that you have to leave the house thinking who is the one that is going to harass me and noting down the number of people at bus stop ‘who frequently look in all directions with the frustration of waiting for a bus’ and should come home saying that 164 men looked at me, 83 stared at me, 1 men asked me the time and in total I feel that I have sexually harassed by 248 men.

I also feel that Mr xyz is criminal, that major IT company is a crap, that software sucks, miss India loves me ….Its not the matter what I feel it’s the matter what there really is.
I have seen some arts which all of you have agreed to be master pieces but I feel offended. So what should I do?
And as per the Indian standards every American woman is sexually harassed 18 times a day on average because as per some statistics ‘18 men will greet (Just says hi, hello, good morning …) women who they never met before’ at various public places like malls, hotels, office premises, parking lots.
And the Last but not least, you are not eligible to be part of a group to fight sexual harassment if one of your close relative (your brother, uncle, son , grand son) or friend has taken dowry. You can ask why. These are related may be in a distant way. Taking dowry is also a social evil, if you know how to fight it then you will know how to fight sexual harassment. If you know someone who is taking dowry and not able to stop them, you can never stop sexual harassment.

A good post on the sexual harrasment here

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Quality of education

people supporting reservation ask for raise in the numer of seats in institutions to cover up the reservation.
But some people oppose these saying these wll decrease the quality of educations leading to the decrease in the salaries and will discourage the recruiters visiting these institutions.

then, can we decrease the number of students to make them appear good for recruiters and to get more salaries.
why are these anti-reservation groups did not have any issue when number of seats are raised in the last couple of years?
main problem lies here.
we project som e of the institutes as best to the world and every one cares about those IITs and IIMs like we dont have any other colleges and educational institutes in india.
we all try to build some rich people and cry at the end of day saying wide gap exists between rich and poor.

we are creating virtual demand keeping supply low. very simple.

And i dont agree with the anti-reservations groups on decrease of the quality of education and decrease in the salaries because of the more nmber of seats.

From last year many It companies are going for the campus recruits to so many private colleges in karanataka , tamil nadu and andhra pradesh. these private colleges does not have sufficient faculty, adequate facilities, no infrastructure. i can say that some of these colleges are crap. just crap.
Yet these students are now employees of some great companies with an 3 lac per anum package.

Friday, October 20, 2006

i am a Dalit. how are you?

i am very sad after watching this 'video showing the dalits in India'. this is the real india. most of us does not even know that this is happening in india. i request all the people to link to this video and let others (indians) know where we are living.
why is media not acting on any of this issues. why am i so ignorant of the things going around me. why do the news 'google acquiring youtube ' reached me so fastly than the news of a 12 year old dalit girl raped at few kms away.
where are we going???

if these goes on like this we dont require groups from other country to Hate India.
Even courts turn blind eye?
courts have time to screen the movies. but they dont have time, money, resources nor will to care for the poor.
whether you agree or not, untouchability has still its roots in India

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I can think in both ways. everything looks right and wrong for me. here you will see arguments supporting all views. if you feel offend for any content, just stop visting this blog.
Thank you

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

About me

This is my blog. I write all the nonsense here. I can support both the Right and the Wrong.
I am the one who believes in relativity, I mean there is no standard for anything; everything is measured in relative to other.

I believe/support:
Freedom of expression
Individual rights
Men + women = world
Dignity of labor

I don't believe/support:
Men Vs Women
Feminists groupsPoliticians

I am proud because-
I don't know the caste of my best friend.As far as I remember I never asked caste of a person.
I never discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, race, color, age, region and religion.


This is my personal space. All views expressed here are of my own and does not represent my employer, friends, family, government or my country. If you feel offended beacuse of any post or comment in this blog i request you to close the browser window and never visit this blog again. Please write to me at for any copyright infringements in this blog. As long as you provide the link to the original source of the post on this blog, you can quote or reproduce a full post or a part, unless it is explicitly mentioned in the post.