Tuesday, October 24, 2006

time machine

You have seen lot of sci-fi with the theme of going back into the past and changing something. I don’t agree with this, coz if you are changing some thing in the past means, it becomes present.
My plan of going past means going back in the time and visiting the past but not changing anything. ( I mean read-only).

How can we achieve this.

What we require:
A communication method faster than that of Light.
100’s of satellites far away from earth ( 50 light years from earth)

Hi-Fi cameras (with resolution of 1 meter * 1 meter)will be installed in these satellites to capture images/video from each and every corner of the earth to create an 3D view of the location we want. These cameras and satellite will be controlled from the earth.
These cameras will capture the light, which was emitted from the earth 50 years back.
These images/videos will be transferred back to the earth thru the communication channel we have. A 3D studio type of thing ( just like 3D race games) will be created on earth with the videos and images received form the satellite. This will enable us to go back to any of the time in the last 50 years by adjusting the cameras in the satellite.

Sounds like crazy. As Dilbert said its hard to tell the difference between a Great idea and Stupid idea.

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