Sunday, October 22, 2006

I am Harassed

Sexual harassment exists in India. but the way we are fighting it is just to make some news and satisfy one’s ego. This is not the right way to fight this social evil.
I am harassed
I feel I am harassed by all those women organizations that think men go in public places just to harass women.
Head lines in a news paper says “Mallika sherawat is hot and sxey”, but that is not considered as sexual harassment. But what happens if someone like you says the same thing about the girl next door?
You are going in a street where all the houses are white in color, after passing some 50 houses you saw one house part of which is painted in red color. What did you do. You stared that house till it is out of your sight. Now you successfully harassed a red house.
Yes, that is what they say.

You are enjoying your black coffee at café abc and noticed that a girl is staring at you. To make sure that you started looking at her sometimes while enjoying your coffee. Next day your picture appears in a blog and your picture is the first result for sexual harassment in Google.Can you do the same to that girl. Can you put her picture saying that you feel offended?Who cares if you feel?
I too agree that there is sexual harassment (and those damn people who cry over the sexual harassment never care about the sexual harassment at work places which is more common and where you effectively identify the culprit) and we should make all women aware that its not time to go thru it quietly, its time you just hit him hard. But this doesn’t mean that you have to leave the house thinking who is the one that is going to harass me and noting down the number of people at bus stop ‘who frequently look in all directions with the frustration of waiting for a bus’ and should come home saying that 164 men looked at me, 83 stared at me, 1 men asked me the time and in total I feel that I have sexually harassed by 248 men.

I also feel that Mr xyz is criminal, that major IT company is a crap, that software sucks, miss India loves me ….Its not the matter what I feel it’s the matter what there really is.
I have seen some arts which all of you have agreed to be master pieces but I feel offended. So what should I do?
And as per the Indian standards every American woman is sexually harassed 18 times a day on average because as per some statistics ‘18 men will greet (Just says hi, hello, good morning …) women who they never met before’ at various public places like malls, hotels, office premises, parking lots.
And the Last but not least, you are not eligible to be part of a group to fight sexual harassment if one of your close relative (your brother, uncle, son , grand son) or friend has taken dowry. You can ask why. These are related may be in a distant way. Taking dowry is also a social evil, if you know how to fight it then you will know how to fight sexual harassment. If you know someone who is taking dowry and not able to stop them, you can never stop sexual harassment.

A good post on the sexual harrasment here

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