Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What about justice

with a title 'just another rape', times of india refers to a most cruel activity by humans in a village called Khairlanji
an upper caste mob, according to eyewitnesses, paraded a mother and her 17-year-old daughter naked, raped and killed them. Two other members of the family, brothers aged 19 and 21 too were murdered. Their bodies were dumped in a canal.

Shivam has posted some photgraphs of the victims. surprise!!! whole blogosphere started debate on freedom of expresion and victim rights. No one cares about what had made a bunch of people to think that they can kill five and can walk away free.

showing dead bodies of earth quake victims or of people killed in bomb blasts is very bad and increases insensitivity in viewers. But this case is totally different. it has done by most inhuman beings. there is every possibility of this case going unnoticed in MSM. there is doctor report and first information with the police saying that the women is not raped and the criminals are in a way to go scott-free.
it has taken one month to appear this news in MSM. think what would have been happend without these photos.
And now people question the moto behind the posting the photos on the blog by Shivam. why dont these confused people asks goverment what they are doing in this case. are these bloggers concerned about the justice. these behaves like the removing the photo from the blog is the justice for the victim.
I dont care what the moto behind posting the photos on the blog, beacuse if that is not the case then no one has ever cared about this and would have never created any attention.
just remember all are not articulate as you are MR ....

did i ever question you about your blog. is not you writing for some hits?

Update: A nice post stressing on what we are missing:


Polite Indian said...

Isn't it amazing how bloggers quickly lost the focus and indulged in a tangent discussion?

critic said...

yes, but educated humans are the most dangerous :(


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