Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blogosphere fighting over freedom of expression on dead bodies.

You should all aware of whats going on blogosphere. bloggers fighting over the freedom of expression and victim rights over the dead body of a raped girl

here is a comment from jyothsnay

turf", Blank Noise Projects …have they vanished ? are they feetless to walk
further a mile to fight against this?

what these people want. Why don't they raise the same question in the posts that have raised the issue and ask for justice. atleast then it would have done justice to the victims. You want to include womne right activists and blank noise project to remove a photo.
Enough is enough. From the last 60 years we are hiding everything in dark and came to a stage where 95% of the youth living in the cities have no idea of whats going on in rural areas and how the poor people are struggling for common needs like food, water and shelter.

All these araises because we are not able to accept the reality.

the real bullshit is people referring the incident happend in a remote place of an under developed country to things in New York.

Now, bloggers are back to rebuild their image and many of them have posted again with soft tone ( i am not linking to all the posts as i dont have time or interest).

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