Monday, November 06, 2006

Why is there lot of hunger in the world?

We have vast land suitable for agriculture on earth. Food (grains, vegetables, fruits….) cultivated on earth is enough to feed all the human beings in the world. Food is becoming cheaper in lot of countries. But, still there are lot of people (esp. children and women) dying of hunger. Why?

The world population now is 6+ billion, we have technology that makes our jobs easier, and we have become highly productive. We have increased our efficiency. We are able to do more work in less time.

We came to a stage where we are not required to work for 8 hours to drive the world.

If all the people around the world start working for only 5 hours a day, then also the world will move with the same pace.

But whats happening now is 60% of the world population is working for 8 hours a day thus leaving 40% the population with out job.

Every penny you earn than what is required for you, In other words, every penny you save with out spending is making some one with out food.

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