Friday, November 10, 2006

The Future

Year 2200:
Half of the earth is covered in ice and remaining with water. No fuel exists. (no petrol, no diesel). No governments are there, no countries are there, no boundaries. World population is 3 crores. Yes, 3 crores, no one is going to die (we are able to live for thousand years) and no one is going to born. People have lost their capability to give birth to a child. This is a stage where we don't have the word - 'new generation.'

On the whole - Humans have lost their battle with the nature.

Human beings have developed new technologies. 1mm* 1mm chip can hold of 1000 tera bytes of data.
Individuals possess bombs; weapons which are thousands of times powerful than the present nuclear bombs and are of very minute size. People are able to travel almost as fast as light. We don't require any food to survive.
We understood the power of nature and started in believing the nature.

We have only one language. We have invented the new language, so that , words we spoke will increase the energy levels in our body. What ever we wear, we do, is to absorb the energy from the nature and to live longer. We know how to transfer energy from one to other. we know how to cure diseases with a simple touch. What not, we have developed as in a sci-fi movie except time traveling.

We spend most of the time in space in search of a new planet. We want a new home!!
After much discussion among the intellectual individuals, we have figured the things required for our new home.
3.air (land)
5. sky

We are in search of a planet which has all of these. At last we found a planet (I will call this as planet X) in a distant galaxy, which has all the above mentioned and for our wonder it is just in the starting stage of its evolution. Planet X also has human beings who are in their early stages of development.( like what we are some thousands years back). But they are very short, their average height is 4' 6".
As we are highly developed and we started making them to believe that we are the one who has created them. We appointed some of our guys to take care of this planet. (That means we are God for them)

We started teaching them all sort of things and tried to develop them in such a way that it will not harm the nature. We taught them to obey the nature. But because of the enormous tech and communication gap, they are not able to understand things quickly and took lot of time to understand. so we have kept some strict rules on what to do and what no to do, as they are not able to understand the reasons behind our actions.

We have identified some of the highly intelligent people (I will call them as R) on planet X and started teaching them the technology and the way to communicate to us when ever they want. R's have learned how to keep the energy growing in them by chanting some of the words and how to live with out food for few days. Some of them have quickly learn how to drive the flying machines, to travel in space and are also able to visit the earth. And they are even capable of challenging some of us with their knowledge. The rest of the people on the planet X are developing normally ( as we did here on earth).

All these process has taken some hundreds of years.

Mean while in a war between individuals on earth, some one has blown out the earth into pieces and we are still wandering here and there in the space waiting for death. It's year 2444.

What ever I have said above has also happened to us, few thousands of years back, got any doubt. go and read Hindu Mythology.

Note: this post has been intentionally shortened or else it will run into tens of

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