Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Future OS

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Future Operating system will be online.
That means you dont require 1 gb of space for OS or no need to have 100 GB of hard disk to store your files , music, movies, software...

I will name the OS as GOS. The main principle behind the GOS is that of a virtual machine, except that you will have minimum software on your hard disk to open your online machine . your actual system (all your files and softwaree) will be online and are maintained by a provider ( i will call the provider as G)

All you required to run the GOS is high speed internet connection.
All the PC's with GOS comes with a software ( it will take few MBs of memory, this will some preinstalled), primary job of this software is to connect to the internet.
Once you start the PC, the software will ask for the user name, password and the domain name ( domain name is actually a url, this will be given by the provider G). Upon validating the user, G will open your system. you can work normally as you work on windows system, except that all your files are stored online and will be maintained by G. In another words, your online machine will be shown on your screen.

you can work on your system from any where in the world. no need to sit at the same place everyday in the office.
you dont need to worry about back-ups.
system will be taken back up regularly and you have an option to replace with the older version in case of any virus attack.
you can share your system or part of your system with any other user in few simple clicks.
two users (one as master and other as slave) can connect to the same system at the same time. Slave can only see whats going on in the system.
once the GOS starts, it will automatically recognise the local hard disk and map it as network drive.
Software Companies need not worry about the software piracy.
we can have many online OS providers and you can have your online system with any provider. software mentioned earlier in the post will be a standard one and can be used to connect to any provider, all you have to do is to mention the provider url in the domain name.

Online Os provider can be installed in the network and it will be easy for enterprise people to maitain the software. corporate offices can have the online OS in their network and we dont have to worry about the security.
More on this soon.....


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