Thursday, November 02, 2006

false prestige

What is false prestige?
doing things beacuse others (false prestige) likes us doing that.
example 1: some one realises that there is a such thing called blogs. he creates a blog and write some posts. some one comments in his blog. he pats his back and writes some more posts, comments flow into the blog. after some time there is nothing to write but he himself forces to write beacuse others like (they say that they like his blog) his blog. deep in his heart a frustration goes on building. one or other day it has to explode.

You may ask, "Is this something wrong?" No, coz most of the people die before the frustation develops into an unbearable stage.
There are lot of nations and economy build on false prestige. it starts from the way they say hi to the way they sleep with their wives. all words come from their mouth, nor from their heart or brain. every one looks happy to every one else. truth is no one is happy.

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Anonymous said...

excellent, bravo, somebody who has spoken from the heart and not from his head.


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