Saturday, November 04, 2006

they are not Inidans

lakhs of children and women die in Africa every year beacuse of malnourishment.
i never responded to any of the news or i never wrote any posts on this? why?
i thought no one would care of my voice on this or am not related to the victims in anyway. ( i mean i dont have any relation, not form my city, my state, my college, my country, my social status)

the same can be said for the happenings in India.

the voice heard by the west are not anyway related to the poor in india. the poor people in India does not have an oppurtunity to let the people know this.

few years back i read a telugu story. the story in short here:

it starts with people collecting funds for the earth quake victims. one nice guy( he is introduced as a nice guy who helps poor children and working to eliminate child labour) rejects to give even one rupee for the quake victims. his argument is like this " you guys are collecting funds and are very eager to help the poeple because there are like you. all these victims are people like you who have enjoyed all the facilities for all these days. you dont want them to suffer even for one day. i know all these people have money, power, jobs, knowledge to build their homes and are financial secure. you dont want ot see them to suffer. why dont you care for the poor children who dont have food to eat and are living in a pthetic condition. why dont you do something for them"

if these goes on like this, we see two Indias. one shining and one burning. and the shining india is the one which we project to the world and we stop relating ourselves to the poor people and does not treat them as Indians.

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