Thursday, November 16, 2006

power of five

Five degrees of frustruation:
At any given time, we, as individuals, have a list of five persons whom we would like to kill.

Five day world:
Given freedom to individuals to do what they want to do (No laws, no cops, no government is there to restrict any individual from doing anything) then in five days world population will be reduced to 1/5th of the current population.


ritesh said...

hehe.. why exactly five? :)

p said...

why exacttly five?
coz, right now i have list of five persons who i want to kill badly and i believe i am very normal person

Hiren said...

Ritesh has a point especially for India.

Dhama said...

an interesting...right in the face n a straight fwd blog !

i liked it. and no this is not in contribution to a false ego or prestige. ;)


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