Monday, November 13, 2006

Public opinion

I don't believe in the public opinion. Because I know how it is formed and I am also a part of the public.

Why do thousands of students join in IIPM when public opinion says that the institute is fraud.

Why so many criminals are elected to parliament and are given right to rule us?

Why do hundreds of villagers gather to rape and kill a woman?

Our public opinion sucks. Our media really sucks. So it is possible that media may represent public opinion. most of the times public opinion is based on false allegations made in TV shows and News Papers.

I don't know anything about Manu Sharma or Jessica. I don't know when Jessica was murdered. I don't know how many are there in the party. I don't know the names of witnesses. I don't know how many has given the witness in the court. To say in one word, I don't know any thing in this case. But still I feel Manu Sharma is guilty. Media is trying to influence me to believe that Manu Sharma has killed Jessica.
What the fuck is this????

Now Media's job is not to loose in the hands of Ram Jethmalani. So, media already started saying that the jethmalani has taken case just because of the hype and popularity, and says public believes that manu sharma is guilty.

In the interview Sagarika tries to create havoc saying, A young girl was shot in the presence of a hundred people.
Is it ok to murder a young man??

I don't have any sympathy towards Jessica or Manu Sharma coz there are not of my kind. I came from lower middle class family. Money these people spent for one day can be used to run my family of five for one month. Even now, many of relatives and people in my village live on less than a dollar per day. I don't care what happens to Manu Sharma.

One more funny question by Sagarika is:
But in this country where the high and mighty get away with so much, where witnesses are paid off

Don't these channels tune to your words if you pay them enough money.

Just a small advice to media – fuck off!!

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